• Public Works

    The Public Works activities support the overall effort for the maintenance of Town infrastructure. This includes: pickup and removal of trash and debris on all public property including the beach strand, landscaping and beautification of public property and right-of-ways, construction and maintenance of beach accesses, boardwalks, sidewalks and parks in the Town limits, maintenance of all Town buildings and bathhouses, and maintenance of Town vehicles and equipment. This activity also coordinates any storm debris contracts and post-storm removal activities.

  • Roadway Maintenance

    The Roadway activity is responsible for the maintenance of all Town roads and alleys, including initial paving, re-paving, signage and debris removal. The Town has a significant length of State-maintained roadway that covers the Causeway to the main intersection in Town and continues in both directions along State Highway 58.

  • Stormwater Utility

    The Stormwater Utility activity is responsible for stormwater mitigation throughout the Town.  Included are management of the pump stations and all drains associated with alleviating stormwater flooding.  Major new efforts in this activity are anticipated as the Town moves forward with the Stormwater Master Plan that will define more aggressive steps and techniques to manage stormwater.  This will include improved containment of stormwater runoff, Low Impact Development strategies, reducing contaminants in stormwater, and overall improvement in the environmental impact that stormwater has on the Town.

  • Solid Waste Management

    The Solid Waste activity manages the outsourced solid waste contract with Waste Industries.  This firm provides weekly (off-season) and twice-weekly (summer season) residential solid waste pickup services and weekly recycled material collection.  Commercial solid waste collection services are privately managed by each commercial enterprise.  The Town provides “white good”, yard debris and limited C&D collection services for residential properties.

  • Water Utility

    The Water Utility activity manages the construction, maintenance and daily operations of the Town’s water supply system.  This includes a major water plant facility, six deep water wells, three 500,000 gallon water storage towers, twenty miles of water lines, and thousands of water meters.  Management of the 24 x 7 x 365 water plant (including required certifications), meter reading, and problem resolution are primary activities of the persons assigned to this group.

  • Sea Turtle Program

    Town staff join together and encourage our citizens in providing assistance for the NC Wildlife Resources Commissions’ Coastal Faunal Diversity Program’s NC Sea Turtle Program.


The Public Services Department preserves, maintains and improves the Town’s public facilities and the general overall appearance and serviceability of Town equipment. The Public Services Department is comprised of three individual operating units. These are two Public Services teams and one Water Utilities team.

Public Services
Post Office Box 1094
Atlantic Beach, NC 28512
Phone: 252 726 1366
Fax: 252 726 4460
Marc Schulze
Public Services Director